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About Debt Coach:

Debt Coach is an innovative debt comparison tool designed to help you find your best way out of debt. With the current debt calculators in the marketplace, consumers are typically only able to compare one aspect of their debt relief solutions such as the monthly payment or the total cost of debt. Consumers are left uninformed about how the debt program works and any potential impact on their credit and other solution trade-offs.

Debt Coach aims to break free from these problems by providing transparency and empowerment directly to you, the consumer, with clear estimates on monthly payment, total cost, time to debt freedom, credit score impact, and the debt program's experience. Leveraging data from's partners, industry groups, and creditor specific information, Debt Coach provides an accurate estimate of a program's length, monthly payment, and cost for each of your debts. Debt Coach then considers your personal preferences and financial goals to identify the one debt consolidation solution that best fits your needs.

For the first time with Debt Coach, you'll be able to compare all your debt help options from credit counseling, debt consolidation, bankruptcy, debt settlement, to simply paying off on your own with an Avalanche or Snowball method. In Debt Coach, you'll learn about how each program works, the pros and cons, and the cost and monthly payment. Through Debt Coach's decision engine, you'll discover why some options are not suitable for you and why your recommended solution is your optimal path to becoming debt free in your specific situation. So, kick-off Debt Coach today... you only have your debts to lose.